Grilled Bacon Cheeseburger !

I had a customer ask me if bacon could be grilled on my Grill N Pal – well here’s the answer . It does a fantastic job ! It is hard to describe how tasty bacon is when grilled-no grease like frying.

Lets start with 3 strips of thick sliced Apple wood bacon – only took a few minutes to get it nice and crispy and then set aside while I place on some onions. For the burgers I used Johnsonville Steakhouse burgers straight from the freezer. Yup – straight from the freezer – how easy is this ?

Once the burgers were finished I layered the burgers with a slice of Swiss cheese, sliced tomato , onion and the crisp bacon. Don’t forget to toast the buns !

Please notice the bacon stays nice and flat – it does’t curl up like in a frying pan. And of course no nasty fires or flare ups with the Grill N Pal  !


Grilled Fish – Eating Healthy

Ok – you have been living on another planet if you haven’t heard about adding more fish to your diet !!  How easy is this ? Season whole fish – in this case a rainbow trout with lemon pepper on the inside and brushed with coconut oil on the skin.

Pre heated the grill and no messy foil to mess with – about 5 minutes on the first side flipped for 5 more minutes !

After the third plate I threw in the towel ! Grill fish for your health and great taste !!

Grill N Pal makes it easy !!

Cajun Shrimp – no messy foil !

Had a hankering for some tasty Cajun Shrimp ! Sometimes called firecracker shrimp – either way they are real tasty with a little heat !

No messy foil and they don’t fall through the grates with Grill N Pal.

Just season shrimp with your favorite seasoning and grill till the pink is gone – can’t get any easier  – went well with my left over Babyback ribs and salad !

Watch for end of season discount on Grill N Pals for Facebook friends !

Quick and Eazy Babyback Ribs

You hear so much about how long it takes to turn out great tasting and tender Babyback ribs. I seasoned a nice rack with an easy and tasty dry rub — preheated my gas grill. Only used 2 of 3 burners on lowest settings.

Placed bone side down for 30 minutes – turned to meat side down for another 30 minutes. Turned off one burner and moved Grill N Pal off burner for another 20 minutes for slow grilling. All grilling time was with grill hood closed – no worry about fires or flare -ups with Grill N Pal !!

Use a smoker box with wood chips to get great smoke flavor .

These meaty ribs were moist and tender ! Total time 1 hour and 20 minutes !!

Dry rub : Brown sugar, salt , pepper, onion powder, garlic powder – add additional ingredients as desired.


Steak Secret So Easy !!

DSCN2459   Seems like there are a lot of articles written about how to cook the perfect steak. Well here is MY secrete almost foolproof method that works for me. First I prefer steak with a bone in but this will work for just about any cut.. I let the steak come to room temperature and season both sides.  Preheat my Grill N Pal for a few minutes on med. high – like to hear a nice sizzle when the steak hits ! It only takes 3 – 4 minutes for 3/4 inch steak before flipping to the other side.

Drum roll please.  Reduce grilling time TO HALF of the first side ! – Now turn off the burners and let steak rest for at least 5 min. with the grill closed.  Adjust grilling time for thicker steaks and preferred doneness !

This is about as easy and foolproof as you can get with the Grill N Pal ! only $19.95.

Crispy Skin Chicken Thighs and Salmon !

DSCN2024 DSCN2025 DSCN2026                                                                               Chicken thighs are one of my favorite meats to grill – usually I remove the skin to save calories. Every once in a while I get a taste for the crispy flavor of the skin with BBQ sauce. I seasoned thighs with Cajun spice and place bone side down after preheating my Grill N Pal. Because the Grill N Pal is made of high quality stainless steel I was able to reduce the burners to a low level. It only took a few minutes to get that nice grilled look when I flipped to skin side down. Here is where most fires and flare ups happen – the grease from the skin burns easily! The Grill N Pal channels this grease to the built in reservoir eliminating this problem. Brush BBQ sauce at the end to finish.

Salmon is another favorite and can go on a few minutes before thighs are done – no messy foil needed ! Just season salmon – place skin side up to start – flip to finish and enjoy. Check it out at only $19.95

Tame the Flame !! Grill N Pal !

DSCN2020 DSCN2021 The problem budget gas grills have are a number of issues. One of the biggest is temperature control. On this models there are only 2 burners – both in the center of the grill surface to the left and to the right. The second issue is how close to the grates the burners are. Grilling is most generally defined as higher heat – less cooking time as opposed to BBQ that infers low and slow cooking.

I call these budget gas grills “flame throwers” with almost no control of temperature. When gas grilling temperature control is still very important. After lighting both burners and turning them to the lowest setting large flames at both ends of the grilling surface were unavoidable. The Grill N Pal helped spread the heat more evenly because of it’s stainless steel construction.

The old saying ” you get what you pay for ” is certainly true when it comes to grills. If you have a “flame thrower ” get a Grill N Pal and tame the flames !