Grilled Leg of Lamb & Veggies

 Time to try something new and expand my grilling options I thought. A  6 -1/4 lb. leg of lamb caught my eye so into the cart it went. When grilling larger cuts of meat it is best to know your grill. Turn on all burners to low and close the lid. Read temp. at lowest setting. Do this for med. temp. and high temp. again with grill lid closed. You may be surprised at how hot it can get with the lid closed.

After seasoning the lamb I centered it on the Grill N Pal and turned off the burner directly under it. The other 2 burners brought my temp. to approx. 335 degrees . I flipped the lamb after 40 min. to seal in the juices and repeated every 40 min. until internal temp. reached 170. This was about 3 hours total time.

Grilled veggies were next after removing the lamb to rest. Seasoned zucchini, sweet peppers and onions were a snap. I only had to turn all burners to med. and grill till done. A baked sweet potato finished this treat.

Get to know your grills temperature and using the Grill N Pal will eliminate the fire and flare – ups  for the average Joe Lunch Box.



Jalapeno poppers & fresh Polish Sausage on the Grill!

Tom, you have to try these on your Grill N Pal. Craig pulled out a package of his Jalapeno poppers and slid them over the counter. Cream cheese stuffed Jalapenos wrapped with bacon! The only complaint from most people is the grill fires they create. A perfect test for the Grill N Pal! What else ya got? Fresh Polish sausage Craig said — ya got to try that too! Hook me up bro and let’s lite the fires and kick the tires!

That was at my friend and fellow grill fanatic Craig at his “Meats and Moore” store at 1411 Wenona St. in Bay City. Stop in and see the new grill additions that are in the works there. I hope to soon see Craig do a few Poultry Pal chickens with his rub recipes. If you look at the grill photo you will see a Poultry Pal chicken on the wood fired grill!

It only took 5 minutes on each side for the poppers — the bacon was crisp and the cheese was just starting to ooze out. Not one fire or flare up! Grill N Pal worked to perfection! Next the fresh Polish sausage — less than 10 minutes on each side. I took it off when my temp. probe read 175-180 degrees. This is going to be on the menu this summer for sure!!

Old faithful chicken breasts rounded out the tri – fecta, but I have to say they were the ugly sisters at this dance!!

Drive over to Meats and Moore and check out what is soon to be THE place in Bay City for great grilled food and grill supplies!

Remember Poultry Pals and Grill N Pals for the family and friends grill nut!