Grilled Lake Trout !!

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Nothing better than grilled Lake Trout especially when you get it for free ! Thanks to Becky’s  niece Tanya for the nice Lake Trout fillet we received the other day. We had it for supper that night.

I seasoned it with a  celebrity chefs seasoning that complimented the salmons mild flavor.

One trick to salmon  fillets with the skin removed is to either grill without flipping or flip after a few minutes on one side. Salmon has a tendency to flake easily when done – this could be a problem on grill grates. Nobody likes to have food stick to grates or slip between grates into burners or coals. No problem for the Grill N Pal !

Salmon fillets, salad, vegetable and glass of wine — If you’re not eating right – you’re not living right !

Looks like Becky is enjoying this !!




Caramelized BBQ CHICKEN


I don’t grill with BBQ sauce very much but every once in a while the urge strikes.
BBQ sauce is usually heavy on sugar and therefore has a tendency to burn before food is properly cooked.
When the urge struck the other day I had a couple of chicken leg quarters and skinless chicken thighs calling out to me.
I first like to season chicken before searing on the Grill N Pal for a few minutes on each side with the grill hood closed. Brush with BBQ sauce and flip to caramelize then repeat for other side.
The chicken quarters skin gets that sticky finger licking good glaze many grillers look forward to. For calorie counters removing the skin is the way to go without sacrificing great taste.
All grilling was done with grill hood closed – this reduces grilling time and helps infuse flavor. No fear of flames or flare ups with the Grill N Pal !!
Headed for houseboat vacation very soon — brats, burgers, hot dogs on the menu.
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Bacon, bacon bacon !! Grilled Bacon !


Bacon – the meat that makes other foods taste better !! The ultimate test for the Grill N Pal is to grill bacon without fires and flare ups. I had a taste for liver and onions the other day and nothing goes better with liver and onions than bacon.
Grilled bacon has great taste without the additional grease when fried in a pan. One added benefit is the bacon stays flat and can be grilled to any amount of crispiness.
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