Grilled Bacon Cheeseburger !

I had a customer ask me if bacon could be grilled on my Grill N Pal – well here’s the answer . It does a fantastic job ! It is hard to describe how tasty bacon is when grilled-no grease like frying.

Lets start with 3 strips of thick sliced Apple wood bacon – only took a few minutes to get it nice and crispy and then set aside while I place on some onions. For the burgers I used Johnsonville Steakhouse burgers straight from the freezer. Yup – straight from the freezer – how easy is this ?

Once the burgers were finished I layered the burgers with a slice of Swiss cheese, sliced tomato , onion and the crisp bacon. Don’t forget to toast the buns !

Please notice the bacon stays nice and flat – it does’t curl up like in a frying pan. And of course no nasty fires or flare ups with the Grill N Pal  !


Grilled Fish – Eating Healthy

Ok – you have been living on another planet if you haven’t heard about adding more fish to your diet !!  How easy is this ? Season whole fish – in this case a rainbow trout with lemon pepper on the inside and brushed with coconut oil on the skin.

Pre heated the grill and no messy foil to mess with – about 5 minutes on the first side flipped for 5 more minutes !

After the third plate I threw in the towel ! Grill fish for your health and great taste !!

Grill N Pal makes it easy !!

Cajun Shrimp – no messy foil !

Had a hankering for some tasty Cajun Shrimp ! Sometimes called firecracker shrimp – either way they are real tasty with a little heat !

No messy foil and they don’t fall through the grates with Grill N Pal.

Just season shrimp with your favorite seasoning and grill till the pink is gone – can’t get any easier  – went well with my left over Babyback ribs and salad !

Watch for end of season discount on Grill N Pals for Facebook friends !

Quick and Eazy Babyback Ribs

You hear so much about how long it takes to turn out great tasting and tender Babyback ribs. I seasoned a nice rack with an easy and tasty dry rub — preheated my gas grill. Only used 2 of 3 burners on lowest settings.

Placed bone side down for 30 minutes – turned to meat side down for another 30 minutes. Turned off one burner and moved Grill N Pal off burner for another 20 minutes for slow grilling. All grilling time was with grill hood closed – no worry about fires or flare -ups with Grill N Pal !!

Use a smoker box with wood chips to get great smoke flavor .

These meaty ribs were moist and tender ! Total time 1 hour and 20 minutes !!

Dry rub : Brown sugar, salt , pepper, onion powder, garlic powder – add additional ingredients as desired.