Hello Lamb Chops!

How will the Grill N Pal do on lamb chops? My new friend Sami asked. Well lets find out I said. Having never done them I was still confident they would work just fine. A trip to Jacks market in Bay City produced loin chops that were large and meaty. Sami mentioned that fires were a problem grilling lamb chops on the grill. Just a FYI, lamb chops are on the higher end of cost — think top shelf rib eye or porterhouse steak. With my financial investment at risk I proceeded to trim any excess fat from the chops.A quick marinade of soy sauce and water with garlic powder did the trick. I did not want to overpower the flavor of the lamb. What the heck – lets do some shrimp and corn on the cob to go with em!

I have to admit they turned out fantastic and plan to do the other chops I secreted in the freezer. The flavor was better than filet mignon which can be tender but lacking in taste. Save those bottle returns and spare change into your chops fund and treat yourself to this delight.


shish ke babs

For those who don’t know me, I am Thomas Simon inventor of two products. The Poultry Pal and Grill N Pal.  I am also the proud owner of a 1950 Chevy Sports Coupe.

Great weather for a trip with the 50 Chevy! The weather report had me cruising north to Suttons Bay in northern Michigan. I was looking forward to hearing Jimmy Buffett like tunes from Don Middlebrook. I heard Don on the deck of the Kingfish bar in Bay City a couple weeks before,loved the music.

Dons music schedule brought him to the Inland Seas Festival in Suttons Bay. If you are a Jimmy Buffett fan check him out at donmiddlebrook.net.

 After great weather and music it was time to fire up the grill! A quick trip to the local market looking for specials paid off. If you have never tried chicken thighs you are missing out on good eats done cheap! I found boneless, skinless chicken thighs along with large shrimp on sale. Ke Babs here I come.

 Ke Babs are a very simple, inexpensive ( using the right ingredients) and delicious dish for the grill. Cut meat to no larger than 1 in. chunks, skewer meat along with onions,peppers,shrimp, tomatoes,pineapple etc. onto the skewers. One in. cuts of meat will be cooked without over cooking the other ingredients. A simple marinade of soy sauce,garlic salt / powder,melted butter / margirine is all you need. Brush marinade on Ke Babs as they grill.

 Once the chunks of meat are cooked your ready to eat! Better make a few more of these because once you taste em – they go fast.

Just had a customer of the Grill N Pal call yesterday. He called to say how well the Grill N Pal worked for the burgers he did the same day he bought his Pal! Love to get those calls.

 Look for Poultry Pal recipes I will be posting in the near future.

 Remember Grill N Pal is a great gift and should last a lifetime. www.grillnpal.com.

Marinated Pork Loin on the Grill N Pal

Well here it is, the middle of July and what a summer we are having in this great state! Right from Memorial Day, the weather has been outstanding for traveling, biking, boating and of course, grilling! I just did a marinated pork loin on the Grill N Pal for my sister and brother-in-law at Big Rapids, the Monday of the fourth.

For those not familiar with my products check out http://www.grillnpal.com and www.beercanchicken.com.

Check out your local stores for specials at the meat counter. Meijers had these pork loins on sale for $3.99 ea. I had a choice of three or four flavors. We did the mesquite flavor. This was my first pork loin and have to tell you it will not be my last. Once the Grill N Pal was preheated ( approx. 4 min. on med.) I placed the loin on. You could hear the sizzle as I closed the grill top.This was a 1 3/4 lb. loin and only took 12 min. on each side! Be sure to check internal temp. to 160 -165 degrees. With a few sides of salad, corn on the cob -grilled of course – and a cold drink we enjoyed this fabulous , economical meal.

I will be adding photos and recipes in the near future so be sure to check in. Remember the Grill N Pal and my other product the Poultry Pal make great gifts!

Lets cook!