Lose the Fat — Keep the Flavor!




Healthy eating is getting the attention from the media of late. For most of us this is nothing new. Reduce your fat intake and exercise should be part of every ones daily routine. Here is one more easy way to reduce fat in your diet. Use vegetable / chicken broth in the flavor base of the Poultry Pal beer can cooker. Look at the amount of fat removed from an organic chicken! The results are even more pronounced from regular store – bought birds!
Separate the fat from the reserved liquid and use this liquid to steam veggies, make mashed potatoes, season rice or save for soup base. More recipes and tips at http://www.beercanchicken.com
Poultry Pal cooker only $14.95 Makes a great gift!


Charcoal for Flavor !


As any grillmister knows “Charcoal for Flavor – Gas for Convenience”.
This proved to be the case when grilling this past Labor Day weekend at Deer Lake near Boyne City, Mi.
On the menu was Michigan’s own Koegel Vienna hot dogs and Johnsonville brats.
I was grilling on the rental cabins charcoal grill that had seen better days. The grates were just about shot from much use and little care! This was a perfect case for bringing along my Grill N Pal. I placed the Grill N Pal on top of the nasty grates and preheated it for 4 minutes before adding the brats. Once the brats were ready to turn – on went the Koegel’s!
By the time the brats were grilled to perfection and the dogs turned once it was time to eat. All the juice and flavor stayed in the brats because the Grill N Pal heats so evenly. I like my dogs crispy so you get a little snap when you bite into them.
Charcoal takes a little more time to get ready but the flavor it adds make it well worthwhile. There is NOTHING better than charcoal grilled food in the fresh air of northern Michigan.
For our friends who RV and camp take along a Grill N Pal — you don’t have to worry about using nasty grills at rest stops or camp grounds. Makes a great Gift! Only $19.95 at http://www.grillnpal.com