Easy Shake and Bake Beer Can Chicken

Saturday was perfect for Freddy and I to tube down the Manistee River just south of Buckley Mi. We had two days of rain the days before and the river was 1/3 faster than normal. We chose the 3 hour tour and ended up with a 5 1/2 trip, good thing we partnered with another group of tubers who make this trip 3 times a year. They were well provisioned with cold beer and snacks and had local knowledge of the best stops on the river for beer breaks. Next time I will bring a waterproof camera to capture the moments!

Needless to say after such a strenuous trip we were hungry for a filling meal. Freddy took me to the local Moose club days before that had baked chicken brushed with mayo and rolled in crushed corn flakes. This was an old-time recipe, easy and delicious and should fill the bill. I took a whole chicken which I dried with a paper towel brushed with garlic and herb mayo and coated with regular Shake and Bake seasoning. 12 ounces of beer in the base of the Poultry Pal,baked in the oven at 325 degrees till golden brown. All I had to do was rotate every 20 minutes to evenly brown. Simple and easy! Try this for twist on beer can chicken using the Poultry Pal. www.beercanchicken.com


Buffalo steaks and bratwurst patties!

Fire up the grill for buffalo steaks and bratwurst patties! Had to try the buffalo steaks after the bratwurst sausage and hot dogs were a hit. I have to admit the t-bones were good but not as good as the Delmonico steak. Freddy had a taste for bratwurst patties so they got their chance to test the Grill N Pal no fire or flare up claim.

Sheri joined us along with Roz, Freddy, Randy and myself here in Traverse City for this grill out. I am happy to report that there was not one fire or flare -up during what has to be an extreme test. Bratwurst patties over direct flame are a sure recipe for burned hair off the hands. Get out and start grilling! www.grillnpal.com

Grilled Buffalo brats and dogs!

 Great weather for a day at the ” sandbar” at the south end of Torch Lake near Traverse City. My friends Randy and Freddy joined me for the day. This is where hundreds of boats come to hang out and party. There is even a pontoon boat called the ” burger barge” to get burgers and hot dogs right on the sandbar!

Later I grilled buffalo brats and buffalo hot dogs on the Grill N Pal. Because they are so lean the Grill N Pal had no problem getting a nice crisp char on them. Oelsons in Traverse City is the place to get these very lean and tasty treats. They have a little bit of sweetness compared to beef. Give them a try if you get a chance!

How to clean your Grill N Pal!

 I recently had a customer say she loved the Grill N Pal but thought it was hard to clean. Here is what works for me. As you can see from the photo I grilled brats, fresh polish sausage and jalapeno poppers ( cream cheese filled jalapeno peppers wrapped in bacon). This is a recipe for hair burned off your hands if there ever was one! But not with the Grill N Pal! I only had to move the food around because there are hot spots and cool spots on almost every grill. Once the food is removed let the grill pan cool off. Use a grill brush with a scraper to remove large particles from the Grill N Pal than wire brush it. Next time to grill just pre heat the Grill N Pal at med. heat for 4 minutes and wire brush again. It does not have to be shiny bright and will work just fine. The added benefit is the rest of your grill will stay much cleaner and will extend the life of your grill!

Ceramic Blocks aren’t needed!

 Summer has started and the weater is hot! My friends Roz and Randy have joined me in Traverse City at our rental house. Our first meal was grilled steaks, salmon and lake trout. My rental grill had ceramic bricks over the burners and blocked  the heat and turned the grill into an outside oven! No fire or flare-ups but no wood smoke or grill marks either.

Once I removed these rascals it was smooth grilling. My wood chip packet provided the wanted smoke and the Grill N Pal did its’ job searing the steaks and fish. So if you have been using these ceramic blocks you should try the Grill N Pal.