Grilled Pizza!!!

 For those of you who may not be a big pizza fan like me you may want to try this. I was in my local Meijers store and saw a new product for frozen pizza. My daughter had brought this to my attention  – a frozen pizza for the grill. It was a 13 oz. pizza with 2 toppings in an aluminum pan for just under 6 bucks. For the same price I purchased a 26 oz. ready to bake supreme pizza. Twice the pizza with more toppings for the same $.

 Grilled pizza on the Grill N Pal is easy and delicious. A 12″ pizza like the one in the photo fits perfectly. Simply pre heat the Grill N Pal like normal, use the indirect heat method for the first 8 min. or so on medium heat. Once cheese is melted slide Grill N Pal with pizza over low direct heat for a few minutes to get the brick oven crispness. Every grill is different so use caution the first time you do this. You want the dough crisp — not burned!

 Try this for ” Brick Oven” crust pizza on a budget with great taste. We all want to save money and stretch our food dollars and the Grill N Pal delivers!!  Sorry for that but it just came out.   

Buy Grill N Pal at Makes a great gift!


Tastes like chicken!

 Just picked up a couple of chickens from J-Land Farms in Unionville, Mi. They raise free range chickens and beef. If you ever taste a free range chicken you would know where the phrase “tastes like chicken” comes from. Commercially raised poultry are higher in fat and lack the flavor of free range birds.

I fired up the charcoal grill with half mesquite and half regular charcoal briquets. While coals were turning grey I rubbed the bird with a basic dry rub recipe that is included in every Poultry Pal cooker. Once there was a nice grey coating on the coals I was ready to cook! This called for indirect cooking on the grill — coals on one side and the chicken on the other. You do not want direct heat under the cooker as the liquid in the base of the Poultry Pal will boil off before the bird is done.I like to use chicken broth in the base of the Poultry Pal and reserve this for gravy,soup stock or liquid for making delicious rice. Grilled corn has become a favorite and is very easy to do. The corn cobs where on the grill the last 15 min. of grilling time which took a total of 70 min. for my 4 lb. chicken. A simple side salad completed this tasty meal. Don’t forget Poultry Pal chicken can also be done in your oven! More information, tips, recipes are at www.beercanchicken and for the Grill N Pal go to

 Have a safe Labor Day holiday and remember if you’re not eating right you’re not living right! Get Grilling!