Keta Salmon – Heard of it?


My friend Roz asked me to grill up this nice fillet of Keta Salmon.
Keta Salmon — what the heck is that? I heard of all the other salmon species but this was new to me. She found it at our local Meijers store for about $7.00 a pound. A bargain for salmon! I did a Google on this and found out some interesting facts. Keta is wild caught and light pink flesh compared to farm raised salmon that are treated to get the nice red color people look for. Farm raised fish may not be the healthiest source — too many antibiotics and questionable rearing practices. Keta is wild caught in the Pacific Northwest and Alaska. One of the few salmon that still migrate to spawning grounds in Alaska.
Preparation was pretty straight forward – brush meat side with seasoned olive oil and sprinkle with diced onions. It was recommended to leave the skin on for grilling.
It took two spatulas to transfer the fillet onto my waiting Grill N Pal that was preheated. Grilling time was only about 15 minutes at medium high heat until it flaked easily.
How did it taste ? It has a very mild flavor and accepts seasoning vey well.
If you are looking to add healthy fish to your menu at a very reasonable price — give it a try!
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Grill N Pal will Travel !! Attention RVers!!


Got invited to Deer Lake, Mi. to spend time with my good friend Randy H. who is renting a cottage there. The weather was perfect for floating in the lakes warm water and catching some rays. Like the song says ” Catching walleye from the dock”.
The rental had a charcoal grill but the grates were a little nasty, good thing I brought along my Grill N Pal!
We had two great meals while up there, Grilled Lake Trout marinated in soy sauce, garlic and a little honey and Ribeye steak with shrimp.
For those who travel, camp and go RVing the Grill N Pal is an excellent travel companion! It can be used at camp sites, rest areas, picnic spots with built in grills. These grills are usually not in the best of shape, and you may not want to grill your food on them.
It only took a few minutes to have a nice bed of coals under the Grill N Pal. I didn’t have to use too much charcoal – only enough to spread the coals evenly under the Grill N Pal! Because of the Stainless Steel construction it heats very evenly and quickly.
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Grilled Lake Trout — OMG!


A big thank you goes out to my buddy Tony C. for bringing over fresh Lake Trout the other night ! I have been waiting to get some of these for quite awhile !
Lake Trout may not be the most popular species for Great Lakes fishermen – many are thrown back. When they are prepared properly they rate right up there for delicious and mild flavor!

After pre heating my Grill N Pal these filets went on skin side down for about 5 minutes, basting the filets with melted butter, fresh chopped parsley and sea salt. I flipped them to get a nice grill color on the other side for another 5 minutes. You know they are done when they flake easily.
Lake Trout have a layer of grey fat under the skin that can impart a strong fishy taste and is best removed either before grilling or after. I removed this layer after grilling.
Nothing beats fresh grilled fish, garden salad and a glass of wine for healthy and delicious eating.
Check out your local fish market and add grilled fish to your diet. Many people only grill fish in messy foil – no need using the Grill N Pal! Check out my other grilling recipes at Makes a great gift !!

Brats ! Flavor not Fire !!


Just received a nice big thank you from a new Grill N Pal customer!
He stated he was tired of having the hair on his hands singed from the fires when grilling brats! He also loved it that the brats were evenly grilled and not charred from the fires fueled from the leaking brats.
If you have ever grilled brats that have split open on the grill you know what he is talking about.
This is a photo of the cheese brats I just grilled — notice the nice even grill marks and lack of grease in the reservoir in the front of the Grill N Pal that was designed to catch most of the grease.
I also grilled veggies to compliment the brats. This combo is hard to do on a regular grill without messy foil but is a no brainer on the Grill N Pal.
Lose the Fire – Keep the Flavor!!
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