Quick and easy Turkey Pot Pie !



Turkey Pot Pie doesn’t get any easier than this ! Poultry Pal retains the liquid in the base for fantastic gravy. Why not use it to make a soon to be family favorite pot pies? Here’s how easy it is. Buy 2 ready to bake deep dish pie shells along with 2 ready to bake roll out pie crusts ( these are sold in 2 packs) and one large can of veg – all mixed vegetables. Cube about 2 cups of turkey ( don’t skimp). Make gravy from left over liquid when you  Poultry Pal’d the turkey.

Pre bake the pie shells until starting to brown while mixing left over turkey, mixed veggies and gravy made from the retained liquid of the turkey. Pour mixed filling into prebaked pie shells and top with roll out pie crusts. Trim excess dough and pop into the oven at 350 degrees until done. You now have two family filling wholesome pot pies the family is sure to love! Serve these great tasting pies and enjoy saving money on the food budget. Check out www.beercanchicken.com  to order Poultry Pals.

You can substitute chicken of course!

Lets cook! Tom


Lets talk Turkey – Beer Can Turkey!

Turkey day is just around the corner and I haven’t done a beer can turkey for a while. This was a 11 1/2 lb. bird. The versatility of the Poultry Pal is you can do bird sizes from game hens to turkeys on it. My favorite size of turkey is 11- 13 lbs., enough for an average size family with leftovers for soup, turkey pot pies etc.  I used chicken broth in the base.The broth in the base is retained along with the juices of the cooked bird to make soup  or fantastic gravy! Dry white meat is eliminated using the Poultry Pal.

This is the only beer can cooker that I know of that retains the liquid used to steam in moisture and flavor. Complete instructions are included with every Poultry Pal.

A few tips for turkey is to use no more than 10 oz. of liquid in the base, the bigger the bird the more liquid is retained. You do not want to overflow the base and make a mess in your oven or grill. Aluminum foil on the wings will keep them from getting too crisp. Use a pizza pan or any shallow pan under the Poultry Pal to catch any overflow or drippings.

I also injected salted butter into the legs, thighs and breast and brushed the outside of the bird with this same mixture. This helps crisp the skin.

Turkey pot pies are very easy and inexpensive to do and I’m betting you’ll love them too. Look for my recipe for pot pies soon!

Enjoy in good health!