Tame the Flame !! Grill N Pal !

DSCN2020 DSCN2021 The problem budget gas grills have are a number of issues. One of the biggest is temperature control. On this models there are only 2 burners – both in the center of the grill surface to the left and to the right. The second issue is how close to the grates the burners are. Grilling is most generally defined as higher heat – less cooking time as opposed to BBQ that infers low and slow cooking.

I call these budget gas grills “flame throwers” with almost no control of temperature. When gas grilling temperature control is still very important. After lighting both burners and turning them to the lowest setting large flames at both ends of the grilling surface were unavoidable. The Grill N Pal helped spread the heat more evenly because of it’s stainless steel construction.

The old saying ” you get what you pay for ” is certainly true when it comes to grills. If you have a “flame thrower ” get a Grill N Pal and tame the flames !