Steak Secret So Easy !!

DSCN2459   Seems like there are a lot of articles written about how to cook the perfect steak. Well here is MY secrete almost foolproof method that works for me. First I prefer steak with a bone in but this will work for just about any cut.. I let the steak come to room temperature and season both sides.  Preheat my Grill N Pal for a few minutes on med. high – like to hear a nice sizzle when the steak hits ! It only takes 3 – 4 minutes for 3/4 inch steak before flipping to the other side.

Drum roll please.  Reduce grilling time TO HALF of the first side ! – Now turn off the burners and let steak rest for at least 5 min. with the grill closed.  Adjust grilling time for thicker steaks and preferred doneness !

This is about as easy and foolproof as you can get with the Grill N Pal ! only $19.95.