Easy Chicken and Beef Fajitas!

The trip to Florida is still on my mind! Always looking for fast, easy and tasty recipes and here is one. First I rounded up all the ingredients, chicken, beef, sweet peppers, onion, tortillas and garlic bread.I also found a salsa named “three bean and roasted corn” and  garlic and herb flavored mayo. I used 8″ corn tortillas for the fajitas. Fill garlic bread for neat twist on fajitas.

Dice up chicken,beef, onions and sweet peppers. Place on Grill N Pal after your wood smoke packet starts to work its’ magic. Gas grill owners really need to try this trick for increased flavor! ( wood chip foil packet placed on burners)

Just before diced ingredients are done heat garlic loaf and tortillas. Garlic loaf will take a little longer than the tortillas so watch your timing.Fill tortillas and add salsa and mayo to taste. You really can’t go wrong. Start the fiesta !!



South Beach Tilapia & Grill Tip!

Here is a tip for gas grill owners. Make a foil pouch and fill with wood chips – punch holes in top of pouch and place on grill burners.When smoke starts preheat your Grill N Pal.This will give charcoal flavor to your gas grill!

South Beach Florida is a tourist destination and a nice place to visit for the soft sand and neat art deco hotels. My friend Captain Ron and I stopped for lunch on the strip ( hotel area) and ordered fish boxed lunch.

I was impressed with the flavor and simplicity along with the healthy ingredients. This would make a fantastic summer recipe I could make back home. Start with shredded lettuce on the plate, cover with a combination of black beans and rice,( add red pepper flakes to spice this up) diced tomatoes, diced avocado,grilled plantains and grilled tilapia.

Pick a plantain that is dark brown in color for a sweeter taste — peel the plantain and slice into 1/2 in. chips. Plantains only need a few minutes on the grill so place on the grill with seasoned Tilapia fillets. Once the fillets are grilled I combined the diced avocado, tomatoes and plantains to the hot black beans and rice.

Serve this combination over the shredded lettuce and top with Tilapia fillets. My friend Justo joined me for the trial run and am happy to say we both cleaned our plates!

For left overs, if any, heat flour tortillas over gas burners of the stove if available. You will get a much better flavor than microwaving them! Fill tortilla with guacamole and left over beans and fish combination. Of course you can substitute most any grilled fish, chicken or shrimp to this recipe. Enjoy!


Chilean Sea Bass, Mahi Mahi and more!

ImageImageImageThere’s nothing better than fresh sea food on the grill! Now that I am in Florida at my friend Randys’ place it was time to fire up the Grill N Pal  . A quick stop at the fish store for Chilean Sea Bass, Mahi Mahi, Swordfish and Salmon was all it took.

Chilean Sea Bass is pricey so take your credit card – I’m talking $20.00 a pound if you can find it! Swordfish, Mahi Mahi not too bad and salmon a less expensive treat.

I grilled the thicker fillets first and the salmon went on when the thicker fillets were ready to turn. Randy did hot Spinach with garlic and baby tomatoes for a side dish. Tasty!! Add a glass of wine and you’re in “Tall Cotton”!

Notice 2 Grill N Pals’ on Randys’ Webber grill — I get asked if I make a party size Grill N Pal and the answer is no. I have found for most grills 2 Pals’ work just fine. For this event I loaded up 2 Pals with fish — everyone thought we had too much fish – but guess what — we only had one Swordfish fillet left over!

P.S. Randy on the left and his friend Ed on the right. Next on the menu — Mutton Snapper. Some like it better than Grouper and less expensive.

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