Orange Drunk Chicken with Rice surprise, Stuffed Portabella caps

What a delicious mouthful ! I combined salt, brown sugar, pepper with melted butter and a splash of orange juice. Brushed it on this handsome critter before cooking. You may not be able to see the orange slices I slipped between the skin and meat of the breast.  They just added a little extra kick of flavor! Here is a great use of the Poultry Pal cooker base. I added 1 cup of uncooked rice to 2 cups of chicken broth in the base. Your rice will be done when your critter is!  This works great in the oven or on the grill using the indirect heat method.

Try stuffed Portabello with diced ham and shredded cheese. Remove stem from caps, suff caps with finely chopped ham and cover with shredded cheese blend. Grill or bake till well melted — fantastic.

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Enjoy in good health!


Grilled Salmon with Bacon Salt, Fire Cracker Shrimp



Just back from my Florida trip with the “50” Chevy. Happy to report the car ran like a dream and received many thumbs up from passing fans.

My good friend Randy invited about 20 friends to a cookout he hosted at his home. I did salmon fillets seasoned with Bacon Salt and FireCracker Shrimp. Bacon Salt is one of my favorite seasonings and can be found at along with their other great products.Notice the grey on the salmon in the photo above. This should be removed prior to grilling as it can impart a strong flavor. Brush with olive oil and season both sides of fillet, grill at med. high heat.

Fire Cracker shrimp is as easy as the salmon. Marinate shrimp in zesty cocktail sauce with added hot sauce. Heat will be reduced when grilled so don’t be afraid to light the fuse on this grilling treat!

My kayak guide “Roz” showed me a fantastic beach dress she sells at art shows and on-line at Ladies this dress can be worn 8 different ways. If you are going to the beach, vacation , cruise etc. this needs to be in your bag! Fellas be a hero and get this for your gal — she will be very grateful!

More recipes and photos to come — enjoy in good health!