Cod — Poor Mans Hog Fish!

On my recent trip to Florida I had a chance to try what the locals call Hog fish. Great flavor puts it mildly! It is a firm, delicate tasting fillet that holds up well on the Grill N Pal. As part of a healthy life style fish is an important addition. All reports for good health say add fish to your menu. Now that I am back in Bay City and no Hog fish I decided to give Cod another look. Cod is high in Omega-3’s but does not hold up well on the grill. If fact other than using aluminum foil and cooking it in a pouch I don’t know how anyone could grill it. Perfect opportunity for the Grill N Pal! I invited my good friend Justo to dinner. He told me he needed to take a few pounds of winter weight off and wanted to see how to grill fish.

Cod has excellent flavor but flakes easily when cooked. I brushed 3 fillets with melted butter, garlic salt and seafood seasoning before placing on a preheated Grill N Pal. Once you see the edges turn white it’s ready to flip — this can get a little messy so use a spatula under the fillets. I saved some of the seasoned basting butter to drizzle over the fillets at the table.

We were both impressed and finished off the platter of Cod that was 2 lbs. along with salad and mixed fruit. It doesn’t get much better than this!

Give Cod a try on the Grill N Pal!


Whaat’s Up? Key Largo Beer Can Chicken!

A chicken with legs up on the Poultry Pal that’s what’s up! Here’s how easy it is. Cover the large hole of the flavor tower with aluminun foil leaving smaller holes clear. Season the cavity of the bird before pushing onto the flavor tower of the Poultry Pal. It’s a tight fit but can be done. Fill cavity of chicken with diced onions,celery,peppers etc. with small spoon. Fill flavor base with choise of flavor liquid, grill using indirect heat method or cook in oven.Filling is steamed as bird is cooked adding flavor and moisture to bird.

Turkey can also be done with this method. I like to use a 10-11 lb. gobble.Check clearance of grill prior to cooking. Turkey in the oven should be on the lowest grate. Do not overfill flavor base as the larger the bird the more liquid fills the base. Turn bird to evenly brown. It doesn’t get much easier! I don’t know of another beer can cooker that gives you this option.Save cooking liquid for rice,gravy, mashed potatoes, soup etc.

Add a salad, slice of Key Lime Pie, glass of wine and you are eating right! Why not order a  Poultry Pal for yourself, family and friends?

Key Largo Hog Fish! WHAT?

What a view! This was from my new friends Mark and Barbs place on the channel in Key Largo. Mark took me on a quick boat ride to the mangrove swamp where “African Queen” was filmed. I highly recommend this film with Bogart and Hepburn.

Locals told me about Hog Fish — Hog Fish? Bad name –great fish! I had told Mark and Barb about my Grill N Pal and my plans to do grilled fish for dinner. On the menu was Grouper, Ahi Tuna, Hog Fish and Key Largo Shrimp. Just melted some butter, salt & pepper, Lawrys’ seasoning salt, brushed the fish and grilled — so easy ! Barb did rice, mixed veggies, and a salad. This is living large! Did I mention a nice glass of wine to drink?

If you ever get a chance to try Hog Fish — go for it !  This is a delicate fish and flakes easily and is perfect to grill on the Grill N PAL!

Life is short –be open to trying new things – it makes life what it should be! Don’t pet the sweaty stuff ! ( bad joke)

Later! Tom