Poultry Pal & Grill N Pal on Charcoal Grill

 Just had to do another Poultry Pal duck on my charcoal grill the other day. I basted it with orange sauce with ginger that sounded tasty on the label of sauce I found at Meijers. High sugar content sauces should be put on later in the grilling process – say after half total grilling time. High sugar content sauces tend to burn if applied to soon.

My grill is large enough to accommodate both Poultry Pal and Grill N Pal. What says summertime better than grilling an entire meal at once? Plantains are a good replacement to potatoes and are so easy to do. Pick light brown and firm ones — the softer and darker brown the sweeter they are. Just peel and half than grill along with corn on the cob and pineapple slices. The corn was done directly over the coals and only took a few minutes so watch closely. Pineapple slices  are delicious and a no brainer — you can’t  really over grill them. Hope everyone has a great weekend!



Bacon Cheddar Bratwurst

What says summer better than Brats on the grill? I had to make a quick trip to my friend Craig’s meat market “Meats and Moore” in Bay City  for his tasty Bacon and Cheddar Bratwurst. Craig has a large selection of specialty brats and it was tough to select just one flavor. As most grillers  know brats can cause fires and flare ups especially if they have cheese in them. In the photo above you will notice some of the cheese melted out onto the Grill N Pal. The Grill N Pal worked to perfection and kept the cheese out of my grill burners — no fires, no flare ups and no mess! Clean up is much easier on the Grill N Pal than tearing apart the grill. One of the great benefits is most of the juices and flavor stays in the brat. Be prepared for juicy, tasty brats this summer on the Grill N Pal. Lets cook!