Crispy Skin Chicken Thighs and Salmon !

DSCN2024 DSCN2025 DSCN2026                                                                               Chicken thighs are one of my favorite meats to grill – usually I remove the skin to save calories. Every once in a while I get a taste for the crispy flavor of the skin with BBQ sauce. I seasoned thighs with Cajun spice and place bone side down after preheating my Grill N Pal. Because the Grill N Pal is made of high quality stainless steel I was able to reduce the burners to a low level. It only took a few minutes to get that nice grilled look when I flipped to skin side down. Here is where most fires and flare ups happen – the grease from the skin burns easily! The Grill N Pal channels this grease to the built in reservoir eliminating this problem. Brush BBQ sauce at the end to finish.

Salmon is another favorite and can go on a few minutes before thighs are done – no messy foil needed ! Just season salmon – place skin side up to start – flip to finish and enjoy. Check it out at only $19.95