Grilled Tilapia! Teach Your Children Well !!

 With all the talk about obesity especially for young children it’s time for some common sense.

Here is my granddaughter Alerie sharing grilled Tilapia, salad, orange juice and cheesy mashed potatoes. We had mixed fruit for dessert.

Stay away from highly processed food of any type. If it takes a long time to spoil it’s not good for you! Stay away from high sugar and fat drinks!They are not good for you either.Stay away from deep-fried food of any type. Don’t add fatty dips or dressing to healthy food! You’ll notice I didn’t say never eat these foods you just need to limit your servings.

Do add health food to your consumption – notice I didn’t say diet. Diet to me means the short-term. I am talking lifetime commitment to healthy eating. Add more fruit , fruit juice, whole grain cereal, nuts,salads. Most definitely add fish especially fish high in omega-3′. Limit red meats and pork. Grilling is about the healthiest way to cook. Don’t stop grilling because it’s not summer!

Are there any guarantees doing all this will increase your life time? No.But why not put as many high cards in your hand just for the heck of it? As Mickey Mantel once said ” If I had known I was going to live so long I would have taken better care of myself “. Now let’s add excercise to the equation. Reduced fat intake  +  more excercise = reduced weight!

Your body natually loses muscle mass as you get older. Muscles burn fat. Add muscle building to your routine. Walk as much as possible, return the cart to the corral when you shop!

Encourage healthy eating in your children, “Do” as you say!  2012 is not the end – it is just the beginning of the age of enlightenment !

Wake up! Eat right to live right!


Grilled Rainbow Trout with Giant Prawns

Most of you have heard of adding foods high in omega-3’s  to your diet. One of the most common source for this is salmon but another great source is Rainbow Trout. I purchased this nice fillet where I would normally get the salmon. If you have never had this, you are in for a treat. It is a mild flavored fish with almost a sweet taste and delivers those omega – 3’s for your diet.The fresh water prawns as they are called are the largest shrimp I have ever seen. The taste and texture are identical to shrimp. Got these at the same store as the trout.

Preheat your Grill N Pal to med. high and brush or spray with non stick oil just before grilling. A simple marinade of melted butter,lemon pepper seasoning and salt is all you need. You don’t want to over power the flavors. Grill the fillet with skin side down. Brush this on both while grilling. I flipped the fillet once to get a nice sear. Flip the prawns and brush with marinade to evenly grill. Fish and shrimp should not be over cooked.

Add nice salad , a glass of wine , grilled garlic toast and your feast is complete! Add this to your diet and you’re in “tall cotton.”

Quick tip for cleaning the Grill N Pal — after preheating to med. high use a grill brush to remove any left overs from last grill use. Try not to use BBQ sauce with high sugar content as this will burn. Apply any BBQ sauce at end of grilling. It’s much easier to clean the Grill N Pal than your grill and no messy foil.

Remember: If you’re not eating right – you’re not living right! Enjoy in good health!  Thomas


Can you smell what Tom is cooking?

Some of you may not remember Roc from the WWF who always said that but I think it’s appropriate here. Kingsford hickory charcoal was my first choice when I decided to grill another duck. The aroma was fantastic! Is it possible to make a mens cologne smell like this? Seriously this was making my mouth water! The first video shows the basic items needed. Kingsford charcoal of course, Swansons’ chicken broth in the Poultry Pal base for flavor and moisture and of course one duck.

Make small slits in the duck skin but not deep enough to cut the meat. This will release the fat layer just under the duck skin. No wonder ducks can swim in cold water, great insulation! Fill the Poultry Pal base with about 10 oz. of Swansons’ chicken broth. Do not overfill the base because lots of grease will come out of the slits in the skin. You will want to save this liquid for later use. Baste the duck with a combination of melted margarine or butter with soy sauce, ground ginger, honey and a splash of orange juice. Baste duck every 20 minutes and rotate to evenly brown once the coals have a nice grey coating. Use the indirect heat method. Tips, recipes and directions included with every Poultry Pal cooker.

 Note the tail I trimmed off the duck so it sat level on the Poultry Pal, nothing goes to waste. I retained the Swansons’ chicken broth from the base and removed the grease. Steamed rice made with this liquid was used the next day to make fried duck rice! Talk about double delicious! My good friend Justo joined me for this treat — needless to say no leftovers!

This is my first posting with video thanks to my friend Angi Dodge . Thanks Angi! Your patience is greatly appreciated.

I hope to post additional videos and recipes in the near future, especially when I return to Florida the end of Jan. Enjoy in good health!

Beer Can Duck!

Hope everyone had great holidays! Just wanted to share this recipe for glazed duck. If you have never had one treat yourself – you can thank me later! Duck is just as easy as chicken and in my humble opinion much more ” flavorful “.

I used 10 oz. of chicken broth in the base of the Poultry Pal, duck has more fat that chicken so you don’t want the base to over flow. Cut slits in the duck skin to release this fat while cooking. Slice only the skin and not the meat underneath.

Melt butter or marg., season with soy sauce, pepper, rice wine vinegar and ginger to taste. Baste duck every 20-30 min. in a 350 degree oven or grill. Indirect heat if on the grill. Duck is done at 175 degrees. Rotate for even browning.

Be sure to save the liquid in the base, skim off the fat and use this for rice,mashed potatoes, veggies. etc.

This is a great use of the Poultry Pal — reduced fat and great taste!  Enjoy in good health!!