Marinated Baby Back Ribs!


My friend Roz just gifted me with a bottle of all natural herb infused olive oil. Check this out at
I decided to try it out on a rack of baby back ribs but this oil can be used so many other ways.
Had to shake the bottle up pretty good because it is “Loaded” with lots of seasoning !
After pre heating my Grill N Pal on the grill at lowest burner setting I place the split rack bone side down for 20 minutes.
I flipped the ribs to meat side down for another 20 minutes. Had to brush BBQ sauce on the bone side for 10 minutes than meat side for another 10 minutes. Total grilling time was a little over an hour for finger licking good ribs. Remember BBQ sauce should go on just before ribs are done – you want caramelized not burned!! Keep a moist towel handy for these babies!
I know lots of grilling shows cook ribs a lot longer but I was hungry and didn’t want to spend a lot of time. While ribs were grilling I fried shredded cabbage/onions with this olive oil and a little veggie butter. Steamed broccoli with Parmesan cheese finished this tasty meal.
Lean meat with lots of veggies and fruit are part of a healthy diet but don’t deny yourself a treat now and then !


Get to know your Grill !


Here is a little tip especially for gas grill users. Know what temperature your grill reaches when all burners are on at lowest setting with the grill cover closed. You will need to have a built in thermometer or one placed inside the grill. Once grill reaches highest temp. record it. Raise burners settings to medium again with grill closed, record this and with burners on highest setting record this also. You may be surprised at the temperatures you will see with grill cover closed.

With the Grill N Pal high temperatures are only used primarily when searing steaks. Once steaks are seared on both sides lower burner settings until desired rareness is reached. If grilling with cover closed it only takes a few minutes on each side. Try to limit the amount of char on any meat as most recent studies indicate charred meat is not healthy!

For the chicken wings in this post I only used 2 burners set to medium under the Grill N Pal with grill closed. I removed the grease from the reservoir at the front of the Grill N Pal with folded paper towels. Had to do this about 5 times for these wings.

Wings were turned after 12 minutes. After 12 minutes on both sides I brushed BBQ sauce on one side and put this brushed side down to caramelize. Repeat for other side brushed with BBQ sauce. Check for proper temperature — burners can be turned off with grill covered to finish wings. Total grill time was approx. 40 minutes

Most BBQ sauce has high sugar content and will not take very long to caramelize. After Grill N Pal has cooled caramelized BBQ sauce can be removed with scraper and wire brush. When ready to grill again preheat both grill and Grill N Pal, wire brush Grill N Pal after preheating and your ready to grill again!
Be well !!

Paleo Diet Chicken Thighs




The Paleo Diet is getting tremendous news coverage lately. In a nut shell – eat low fat meat protein along with fresh vegetables, fruit, nuts and berries. Stay away from whole or processed cereal / grains and dairy products. Avoid sugar and unhealthy fat.
I grilled skinless chicken thighs with any additional fat removed. Only seasonings were added before they were grilled on my Grill N Pal. Approx. 15 minutes per side starting with bone side down. For the veggies I pan roasted Brussel Sprouts with onions, mushrooms and garlic in olive oil. Zuccini chips rounded out the rest of the meal. Try to have at least 50% of your meal veggies and fruit! For more information Google Paleo diet, it has also been called the cave man diet. Please check out for more recipes. Be well !

Grill N Pal Gourmet Burgers

Use the Grill N Pal for no fires and flare ups when grilling on charcoal or gas grills. Check out
Found these at Krogers, grilled frozen on my Grill N Pal with no singed hair !! Great gift for the griller in the family. Look for more recipes and tips soon.