Jalapeno Brats, Pizza Brats, Koegle Viennas’

 Get Grilling ! Made a quick stop to my local meat market ” Meats and Moore” and the owner Craig Owczarzak fixed me up with some of his specials. I’m talking Jalapeno, Pizza brats and Koegels Viennas’. If you like a little heat the Jalapeno brats are the ticket. Just enough heat to let you know this is not your regular run of the mill brat. The Pizza brat is a kids favorite and tastes like it sounds! Careful grilling the pizza brats, they have soo much cheese and goodies inside you only have to heat them through.Summer grilling isn’t complete without our Michigan made Koegel Viennas’. People get this shipped to out-of-state addresses – they’re that good!

One of the unique attributes of the Grill N Pal is the even heating of anything grilled on it. It also holds lots of food! I call it – family size. Notice in the photo that the brats and Koegel dogs have not split open. Brats are notorious for creating fires that will burn the hair off your arms! Once they split the grease and juices can be ignited by coals or burners. Not fun and burned food– yuck. I like mine with a little char for the taste grillers love.

Get over to Meats and Moore in Bay City at 1411 Wenona St. and check out their delicious selections.Next on the grill is Ribeye and Strip steak from Craig’s shop. I will also share tips for gas grill owners that adds charcoal flavor to your grilling. Let’s cook!!

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Get Grilling!! Catfish Nuggets

 Get Grilling! Summer weather is here for those who only grill in fair weather. I used Jalapeno seasoning from Bacon Salt for these beauties. I was thinking Cajun! Cut nuggets to equal size to insure even grilling. Catfish requires higher heat and longer grilling times. It is a very firm fleshed fish and will not fall apart when done. Reminds me of scallops for texture.

Throw some stuffed portabella mushrooms ( crab meat & cheese) on when catfish is half done. Garlic toast needs only a few minutes so these get put on the grates last.

Next is Jalapeno brats, Pizza brats and Kogel hot dogs!


Pork Prime Rib !

Found this beautiful 4 lb.Center Cut Boneless Pork Loin on sale for $1.79 a pound. Here is a simple way to create prime rib “chew” on a budget. I first injected the loin in numerous places with melted butter and Bacon Salt seasonings.Half the loin with their Applewood and  the other half with their Jalapeno. Just wanted to see if I could detect a difference after grilling.Look for injectors at shopping centers in the BBQ section — it should be easy to find. If you have never injected meat or poultry before — give it a try!

Once the loin was “juiced up” it was time to hit the grill. Here is a good tip — get to know your grill cooking temperature either gas or charcoal.In this case I turned my 3 burner gas to its’ lowest setting. With grill closed my grill reached 400 degrees. The loin has a thin fat layer on the bottom so this went down on the Grill N Pal. Fat layer had a nice crust when done as you can see in the above picture. Caution injected food will create additional juices as you grill along with the fat layer of the loin. Peek at the grease reservoir channel as you grill and remove this excess liquid. Don’t want this to overflow into your burners or coals!

I could hardly believe the temp. probe read 165 degrees after 35 minutes! This is the recommended internal temp. for pork. Most people will OVER cook pork. I turned the loin over, turned the burners off and let roast rest for 10 minutes as I prepared broccoli spears.

As I cut 3/8 in. slices from the roast the juices reminded me of prime rib! No dry pork here!! I could not detect any flavor difference with the spices — I think they mixed in the grilling process. My dinning companion had a dry pork chop the previous day at a local restaurant and exclaimed how juicy this was. Catfish nuggets coming up soon so until then, Eat right — live right!

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