Grilled Pizza with Brick Oven Crust !

Just like our Michigan weather — when is it going to warm up ? Turn on the air conditioner! That’s how fast it sometime goes here in our Great Lakes State. This past weekend was a prime example.
Now that we have our warm weather who wants to heat up the house cooking?
Here is a great way to have brick oven pizza on the grill and keep the house cool!
Becky purchased a store bought 12″ supreme pizza and I grilled it on the Grill N Pal.
Once the grill was preheated on medium low the pizza went on for 15 minutes, the last 5 minutes I raised the burners to medium high and waited for the crust to get that nice crisp texture ! Just like the old time brick oven pizza !!
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Party Size Grill N Pal ! Get 2 and save $$

I have been asked if I sell a “party size” Grill N Pal ? The Grill N Pal was designed to sell for $20.00. Where else can you get a lifetime product now days for that price? For those who want a party size I suggest purchasing 2 at a reduce price and use them side by side as I just did for a family pack of chicken wings.
I brushed the wings with Mandarin Sauce, grilled 8 minutes per side with burners at lowest settings, let rest for 3 minutes with burners off and grill closed. High sugar content sauces caramelize easily so watch your burner settings — I used the lowest settings on my gas grill!
Have wet towels handy because these are sticky, finger licking good ! Becky loved em !!






Double Bacon Double Cheese Burger !

Grilling bacon is no challenge on the Grill N Pal ! With the sun finally shining I had a taste for grilled burgers but not just any plain burger. I purchased frozen 1/3 lb. bacon and cheese patties from the local WalMart. For Joe Lunch Box griller this can’t get any easier. After getting all the ingredients together and preheating the grill it was time to work my magic.
I first placed 8 slices of bacon on the Grill N Pal and grilled turning once till nicely crisp. I would like to add there was no fire or flare-ups and the bacon stayed relatively flat. After removing the bacon on went the frozen patties. It only took about 6 minutes on the first side before I flipped them. It was only another 6 or 7 minutes and the burgers were ready.
Here is a little tip I use for burgers. Once the burgers are done I turn off all the burners and place a slice of onion, tomato, olives and finally a piece of cheese on top. Juicy burgers need a toasted bun! Spread the buns inside down on the grates and close the grill — once the cheese is melted the buns are should be toasted. Nothing worse than a juicy burger on a soggy bun !!
The toasted buns are now ready for any condiments and the juicy burgers. Check out other recipes at
Enjoy in good health!