Meats and More Double Stuffed !!

DSCN1898 DSCN1899  How  nice to have a meat market in Bay City that has a nice selection of items for the grill. Had to stop in the other day to Meats and More to pick up something for dinner. I didn’t have a lot of time for preparation because I was getting hungry !!  A quick scan of the meat case for my selections and I was out the door .

Craig always has something new for grill and you can’t beat the convenience of large selection at an affordable price !! I opted for the stuffed burgers and stuffed portabella mushrooms.

Once home it only took a few minutes to preheat my Grill N Pal and get grilling ! Did I mention I was getting hungry ? One feature of the Grill N Pal is once your items are on the grill you can close the lid and walk away without worrying about fires and flare ups !  Flipped the burgers once after 8 minutes ( half the total grill time) and didn’t have to do anything for the mushrooms !

If you are looking for new and delicious items for the grill at affordable prices stop in to Meats and More ! Friend him on Facebook to see monthly specials !!

Check out !    Still only $19.95 !!


Internet claim — salt for meat tenderizer – I tried it !!

DSCN1885 DSCN1886Some times things just have to be tried – such was the case when I watched an internet chefs’ claim. The claim was he used salt to tenderize a not so tender beef steak. The claim method was to coat the top of the steak with either kosher  / sea salt and let set for 1 hour per inch of thickness. Rinse salt off the steak thoroughly before grilling.

I chose two chuck steak cub cuts — two in the same package so steaks would be as identical as possible for a fair comparison.

Drum roll please and the results !!

Chuck steak is known to have two different cuts in the same steak – one more tender than the other. Both steaks were grilled the exact same time, over the same temperature on my Grill N Pal. What surprised me is that there was very little discernible difference in the normally tougher portion – not enough to be significant to most people. The surprise was in the more tender portion — there was a discernible difference to me ! Yes more tender.

Was it worth the effort ? Have to be honest and have to say – not really. One note of caution if you try this — although I rinsed the salted steak thoroughly there was a definite salt over taste. If you don’t like salty flavor this may not be for you.

Was my test a fair evaluation ? Try for your self but the old adage ” just because you saw it on the internet doesn’t necessarily make it true” !!

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