Poultry Pal Chicken on Charcoal Grill !

Grilling season is heating up and it’s time to fire up the charcoal grill.
Nothing is easier than beer can chicken on the Poultry Pal – no fussing with a messy, tippy beer can.
My favorite beverage to use is full flavored beer such as Guinness in the flavor base. You can use just about any liquid such as chicken broth ( save for gravy, soup base, steam veggies, mashed potatoes etc.) wine, fruit juice but for beer use a full flavored one.
Rinse and pat dry your critter and brush with olive oil before seasoning with dry rub of choice. I use paprika, salt, pepper, garlic powder and a little brown sugar for crisp skin.
Use the indirect heat method after coals reach grey coating and close the hood of grill. Rotate critter occasionally for even browning. Check for proper finished temperature and let stand for 5 minutes before serving.
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Heads or Tails Poultry Pal Beer Can Chicken

DSCN1578DSCN1579DSCN1580Here is something you can’t do with any other beer can chicken holder, place poultry either head up or tail up on the Poultry Pal infusion tower ! Why would you want to do it tail up on the Poultry Pal? You can fill the cavity with diced onions, garlic, celery, mushrooms etc. and add additional flavor to chicken or turkey ! Yes, you can use the same method for turkey!

Another neat trick is to fill the flavor base with 1 cup of uncooked rice and 2 cups of chicken broth while your critter cooks to moist perfection. Can’t do that with a beer can !

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Lose the Fat — Keep the Flavor!




Healthy eating is getting the attention from the media of late. For most of us this is nothing new. Reduce your fat intake and exercise should be part of every ones daily routine. Here is one more easy way to reduce fat in your diet. Use vegetable / chicken broth in the flavor base of the Poultry Pal beer can cooker. Look at the amount of fat removed from an organic chicken! The results are even more pronounced from regular store – bought birds!
Separate the fat from the reserved liquid and use this liquid to steam veggies, make mashed potatoes, season rice or save for soup base. More recipes and tips at http://www.beercanchicken.com
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Simple and Delicious Beer Can Chicken!

ion] How simple can it get? Just fill the flavor base of the Poultry Pal with 12 oz. of chicken broth, rub melted butter seasoned with garlic powder, salt and pepper and any other seasonings to taste over a whole chicken. Place chicken on the infusion tower over the flavor base and bake at 350 to 375 degrees till done. If using charcoal or gas grill use the indirect heat method.

I made gravy from the liquid saved in the flavor base. Simple bring liquid to a slow boil in another pan and slowly add flour and corn starch to thicken. Pour gravy over mashed potatoes, noodles or rice. The liquid can also be used for soup base.

With winter on its’ way it was time for some good old beer can chicken! The white meat was so moist and tender it practically melted in my mouth.

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Easy Shake and Bake Beer Can Chicken

Saturday was perfect for Freddy and I to tube down the Manistee River just south of Buckley Mi. We had two days of rain the days before and the river was 1/3 faster than normal. We chose the 3 hour tour and ended up with a 5 1/2 trip, good thing we partnered with another group of tubers who make this trip 3 times a year. They were well provisioned with cold beer and snacks and had local knowledge of the best stops on the river for beer breaks. Next time I will bring a waterproof camera to capture the moments!

Needless to say after such a strenuous trip we were hungry for a filling meal. Freddy took me to the local Moose club days before that had baked chicken brushed with mayo and rolled in crushed corn flakes. This was an old-time recipe, easy and delicious and should fill the bill. I took a whole chicken which I dried with a paper towel brushed with garlic and herb mayo and coated with regular Shake and Bake seasoning. 12 ounces of beer in the base of the Poultry Pal,baked in the oven at 325 degrees till golden brown. All I had to do was rotate every 20 minutes to evenly brown. Simple and easy! Try this for twist on beer can chicken using the Poultry Pal. www.beercanchicken.com

Jalapeno poppers & fresh Polish Sausage on the Grill!

Tom, you have to try these on your Grill N Pal. Craig pulled out a package of his Jalapeno poppers and slid them over the counter. Cream cheese stuffed Jalapenos wrapped with bacon! The only complaint from most people is the grill fires they create. A perfect test for the Grill N Pal! What else ya got? Fresh Polish sausage Craig said — ya got to try that too! Hook me up bro and let’s lite the fires and kick the tires!

That was at my friend and fellow grill fanatic Craig at his “Meats and Moore” store at 1411 Wenona St. in Bay City. Stop in and see the new grill additions that are in the works there. I hope to soon see Craig do a few Poultry Pal chickens with his rub recipes. If you look at the grill photo you will see a Poultry Pal chicken on the wood fired grill!

It only took 5 minutes on each side for the poppers — the bacon was crisp and the cheese was just starting to ooze out. Not one fire or flare up! Grill N Pal worked to perfection! Next the fresh Polish sausage — less than 10 minutes on each side. I took it off when my temp. probe read 175-180 degrees. This is going to be on the menu this summer for sure!!

Old faithful chicken breasts rounded out the tri – fecta, but I have to say they were the ugly sisters at this dance!!

Drive over to Meats and Moore and check out what is soon to be THE place in Bay City for great grilled food and grill supplies!

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Whaat’s Up? Key Largo Beer Can Chicken!

A chicken with legs up on the Poultry Pal that’s what’s up! Here’s how easy it is. Cover the large hole of the flavor tower with aluminun foil leaving smaller holes clear. Season the cavity of the bird before pushing onto the flavor tower of the Poultry Pal. It’s a tight fit but can be done. Fill cavity of chicken with diced onions,celery,peppers etc. with small spoon. Fill flavor base with choise of flavor liquid, grill using indirect heat method or cook in oven.Filling is steamed as bird is cooked adding flavor and moisture to bird.

Turkey can also be done with this method. I like to use a 10-11 lb. gobble.Check clearance of grill prior to cooking. Turkey in the oven should be on the lowest grate. Do not overfill flavor base as the larger the bird the more liquid fills the base. Turn bird to evenly brown. It doesn’t get much easier! I don’t know of another beer can cooker that gives you this option.Save cooking liquid for rice,gravy, mashed potatoes, soup etc.

Add a salad, slice of Key Lime Pie, glass of wine and you are eating right! Why not order a  Poultry Pal for yourself, family and friends? www.beercanchicken.com