Grilled Green Beans & BBQ Chicken !

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I hated food dropping through the grates of my grill!
That was one of the problems with most grills. Uneven heating, hard to keep clean and reduced grilling options are a few of the other issues I addressed when the Grill N Pal design was created.
It had to be durable, easy to clean, heat evenly, eliminate messy foil, be expandable and most importantly be AFFORDABLE !!
Who wants to spend lots of $$ on a grill to have the same issues of a budget grill ?? The Grill N Pal can turn that old clunker into a money saving, grilling machine !
There is nothing better than hearing from my customers on how much they love their Grill N Pal. Many have purchased some as gifts for their friends and family. It’s a snap.
Green beans are a snap also — a little olive oil, salt, pepper, garlic powder and parmesan cheese — grill over medium heat till desired doneness.
I slow grilled the chicken legs and thighs getting them nice and golden before brushing with “EASY BBQ Sauce”. Sauce is so easy with few ingredients most households have on hand. 1/4 cup each of honey, ketchup, soy sauce. Add to taste – salt, pepper, garlic, paprika, hot sauce or whatever suits your taste !
Finger licking good !
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Need a bigger Grill N Pal size for a party? Just put two side by side and cover an area 17″ x 24″. Just make sure your grill is level and they will stop those frustrating fires and flare ups !
You have complete control using burner temperatures – keep some items warm while grilling on the other.
Makes a great gift for that special griller!!

Kicken up the Grilling Flavor !!




Ever get bored with the same old grilling choices? Think out of the grilling box and expand your horizons! When is the last time you had “Buffalo Blue Cheese” chicken patties? How about “Sun Dried Tomato” chicken breasts?
You would expect a little zing with “Buffalo” in the name and it is delivered with these Kicken Chicken patties and the marinated breasts didn’t disappoint !
I found these at LaLondes Market in Midland, their meat showcase features a wide selection that will have any griller worth his tongs firing up the grill.
Next on the agenda is their one lb. marinated pork chop that was a menu staple at the Embers Restaurant in Mt. Pleasant, Mi.
One Grill N Pal is only $19.95! — want two – only $36.00 !!

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Poultry Pal Chicken on Charcoal Grill !

Grilling season is heating up and it’s time to fire up the charcoal grill.
Nothing is easier than beer can chicken on the Poultry Pal – no fussing with a messy, tippy beer can.
My favorite beverage to use is full flavored beer such as Guinness in the flavor base. You can use just about any liquid such as chicken broth ( save for gravy, soup base, steam veggies, mashed potatoes etc.) wine, fruit juice but for beer use a full flavored one.
Rinse and pat dry your critter and brush with olive oil before seasoning with dry rub of choice. I use paprika, salt, pepper, garlic powder and a little brown sugar for crisp skin.
Use the indirect heat method after coals reach grey coating and close the hood of grill. Rotate critter occasionally for even browning. Check for proper finished temperature and let stand for 5 minutes before serving.
In a hurry? Just use the oven ! Complete instructions with every Poultry Pal.





Party Size Grill N Pal ! Get 2 and save $$

I have been asked if I sell a “party size” Grill N Pal ? The Grill N Pal was designed to sell for $20.00. Where else can you get a lifetime product now days for that price? For those who want a party size I suggest purchasing 2 at a reduce price and use them side by side as I just did for a family pack of chicken wings.
I brushed the wings with Mandarin Sauce, grilled 8 minutes per side with burners at lowest settings, let rest for 3 minutes with burners off and grill closed. High sugar content sauces caramelize easily so watch your burner settings — I used the lowest settings on my gas grill!
Have wet towels handy because these are sticky, finger licking good ! Becky loved em !!






Heads or Tails Poultry Pal Beer Can Chicken

DSCN1578DSCN1579DSCN1580Here is something you can’t do with any other beer can chicken holder, place poultry either head up or tail up on the Poultry Pal infusion tower ! Why would you want to do it tail up on the Poultry Pal? You can fill the cavity with diced onions, garlic, celery, mushrooms etc. and add additional flavor to chicken or turkey ! Yes, you can use the same method for turkey!

Another neat trick is to fill the flavor base with 1 cup of uncooked rice and 2 cups of chicken broth while your critter cooks to moist perfection. Can’t do that with a beer can !

Complete instructions, tips, recipes included with every Poultry Pal. Special offer is now available to get BOTH Poultry Pal and Grill N Pal for only $29.95 plus shipping. Order at . Makes a great gift for the ” Griller ” in the family or special friend !!

Lose the Fat — Keep the Flavor!




Healthy eating is getting the attention from the media of late. For most of us this is nothing new. Reduce your fat intake and exercise should be part of every ones daily routine. Here is one more easy way to reduce fat in your diet. Use vegetable / chicken broth in the flavor base of the Poultry Pal beer can cooker. Look at the amount of fat removed from an organic chicken! The results are even more pronounced from regular store – bought birds!
Separate the fat from the reserved liquid and use this liquid to steam veggies, make mashed potatoes, season rice or save for soup base. More recipes and tips at
Poultry Pal cooker only $14.95 Makes a great gift!