shish ke babs

For those who don’t know me, I am Thomas Simon inventor of two products. The Poultry Pal and Grill N Pal.  I am also the proud owner of a 1950 Chevy Sports Coupe.

Great weather for a trip with the 50 Chevy! The weather report had me cruising north to Suttons Bay in northern Michigan. I was looking forward to hearing Jimmy Buffett like tunes from Don Middlebrook. I heard Don on the deck of the Kingfish bar in Bay City a couple weeks before,loved the music.

Dons music schedule brought him to the Inland Seas Festival in Suttons Bay. If you are a Jimmy Buffett fan check him out at

 After great weather and music it was time to fire up the grill! A quick trip to the local market looking for specials paid off. If you have never tried chicken thighs you are missing out on good eats done cheap! I found boneless, skinless chicken thighs along with large shrimp on sale. Ke Babs here I come.

 Ke Babs are a very simple, inexpensive ( using the right ingredients) and delicious dish for the grill. Cut meat to no larger than 1 in. chunks, skewer meat along with onions,peppers,shrimp, tomatoes,pineapple etc. onto the skewers. One in. cuts of meat will be cooked without over cooking the other ingredients. A simple marinade of soy sauce,garlic salt / powder,melted butter / margirine is all you need. Brush marinade on Ke Babs as they grill.

 Once the chunks of meat are cooked your ready to eat! Better make a few more of these because once you taste em – they go fast.

Just had a customer of the Grill N Pal call yesterday. He called to say how well the Grill N Pal worked for the burgers he did the same day he bought his Pal! Love to get those calls.

 Look for Poultry Pal recipes I will be posting in the near future.

 Remember Grill N Pal is a great gift and should last a lifetime.


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